Jan 2021


The Price Per Desiccant Bag Is Irrelevant.

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Before you make a choice of a new supplier of a product or service, you want to compare different offers. It is a rational thing to do, as it gives you a better picture of what your money can buy you

The important thing is how you compare. Under some circumstances, the obvious comparison may not provide you with a correct picture.

We are more expensive and also cheaper

Does that not add up? It actually does. It is just a little more complex than we sometimes would like it to be.

The issue here is that our Inpat desiccants are more expensive. They are made of calcium chloride with 94%-97% purity and cost more to produce.

However, they are also more efficient. They are actually 10-12 times more efficient than many of the alternatives on the market. You need fewer of our desiccants for the same level of protection.

Time is also money

Another benefit you get from the fact that you need fewer of our desiccants is that you save installation time. Not only do you need fewer desiccants, but ours are also easier to install.

We have created simple systems for installing our desiccants that will save you a lot of time over the course of a year. This is another factor that should be taken into account when comparing moisture protection suppliers.

Correct dimensioning

To really know the level of protection you need is yet another way to save money.

It is common to over-use the amount of desiccants placed in a container. The reason is usually a lack of knowledge of temperature, amount of moisture and relative humidity during the transport.

We will help you get that knowledge by conducting an auditĀ of your moisture protection needs. This audit will give you proper dimensioning based on the data (route, season, commodities etc) of your shipments.

This way, you do not have to guess. Instead, we help you tailor a moisture protection solution that suits your needs.

No more, no less.

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