Jan 2021


Solve The Right Problem The Wrong Way.


There are several factors behind moisture damage. Unfortunately, it’s common to either do too little, too much or to take the wrong action in order to prevent it. The reason, we’ve found, is often lack of problem awareness

Logically, that’s where we start. When we know the root cause, we can prevent it in a cost-effective way. The first step in our process to take care of moisture damage, is to make an audit of your loading and shipping process. This way, we learn in detail the challenges you have to deal with.

With that done, we can start taking action to erase costly damages by installing our calcium chloride desiccants in your containers. Detailed information of the conditions gained from the audit, allows us to pick just the right number of desiccants to keep your goods dry and undamaged all the way to their destination.

This way, you insure your property, your production chain and your customer relations against damages derived from moisture.

And you don’t pay a penny more than necessary.

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