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Inpat Oxygen Absorber

INPAT Oxygen Absorber, your solution for optimal product preservation. Designed with cutting-edge technology, this oxygen absorber ensures a controlled and oxygen-free environment within your packaging.

How It Works

The INPAT Oxygen Absorber contains a carefully formulated mixture that reacts with and absorbs oxygen present in the sealed environment. This prevents oxidation and the growth of spoilage agents, ensuring your products remain in pristine condition.

Usage Instructions

Place the INPAT Oxygen Absorber inside your packaging.

Seal the packaging immediately to create an oxygen-free environment.

Enjoy extended shelf life and preserved product quality.

Calculate the Air Volume

Measure the internal volume of the packaging in cubic centimeters (cc) or milliliters (ml). This is the total space inside the sealed package.

Determine the Appropriate Absorber Size

The general rule of thumb is to use an oxygen absorber that matches the volume of air space in the packaging. For a 30cc oxygen absorber, you would ideally use it in a container or packaging with approximately 30cc of air space.

Consider Some Flexibility

It’s often better to slightly overestimate the size of the absorber than to use one that is too small. If in doubt, it’s safer to round up to the next available size.

Seal the Package Quickly

Once the absorber is placed inside the packaging, seal it promptly to create an airtight environment. The absorber starts working immediately upon exposure to air.