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Inpat Magma Dessicant

MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE is used as a desiccant for several reasons, and its properties make it well-suited for specific applications where moisture control is essential.

How It Works

INPAT Magma Magnesium Chloride Desiccant actively attracts and traps moisture, preventing the formation of condensation and maintaining a dry environment within the shipping container. This ensures that your cargo arrives at its destination in the best possible condition.

Usage Instructions

The usage instructions for a desiccant containing magnesium chloride can vary based on the specific product and its intended application. However, here are general guidelines that can be adapted for many magnesium chloride desiccants. Always refer to the product-specific instructions provided by the manufacturer:

Identify Moisture-Sensitive Areas

Determine the areas or containers where moisture control is necessary. This can include storage spaces, shipping containers, packaging for sensitive materials, or other environments where humidity could be a concern.

Choose the Right Quantity

Consider the volume of the space or container you need to protect. Select an appropriate quantity of magnesium chloride desiccant based on the recommended usage for the specific product and the amount of moisture you anticipate.


Place the magnesium chloride desiccant in strategic locations within the space or container. Ensure even distribution for optimal moisture absorption. Consider hanging bags, sachets, or other desiccant forms in areas where moisture is most likely to accumulate.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Ensure that the space or container has adequate ventilation to allow the desiccant to effectively absorb moisture from the air. Good airflow helps optimize the performance of the desiccant.

Monitor Humidity Levels

Periodically monitor the humidity levels within the protected space using a hygrometer. This helps assess the effectiveness of the magnesium chloride desiccant and ensures that it is replaced or recharged when needed.

Replacement or Reactivation

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for replacing or reactivating the magnesium chloride desiccant. Depending on the product, this may involve replacing the desiccant with new units or reactivating it by exposing it to heat.

Dispose of Properly

Follow the recommended disposal instructions provided by the manufacturer. Some desiccants may be environmentally friendly and can be disposed of in regular waste, while others may require special handling.

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