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Inpat Dunnage Bag

A CONTAINER DUNNAGE BAG, also known simply as a dunnage bag or airbag, is a packaging product used to secure and stabilize cargo within shipping containers, trucks, or railcars during transportation.

How It Works

These bags are designed to fill the voids or empty spaces between cargo, preventing movement and minimizing the risk of damage during transit.

Dunnage bags are widely used in various industries, including logistics, shipping, and transportation, to enhance the safety and security of goods during transit. They play a crucial role in optimizing cargo protection and minimizing the risk of damage associated with movement and impact within containers.

Inflatable Design

Dunnage bags are typically inflatable, made from materials that can withstand the pressure of inflation. They are often constructed with layers of kraft paper and polyethylene, and some may have an inner layer made of nylon or other strong materials.

Filling Voids

The primary purpose of dunnage bags is to fill the empty spaces or gaps between cargo items within a shipping container. By inflating the bag, it expands to conform to the shape of the cargo, providing a secure and protective cushion.

Securing Cargo

Dunnage bags help prevent the movement of cargo during transit, reducing the risk of damage caused by shifting or vibrations. This is particularly important for fragile or sensitive goods.

Easy Application

Dunnage bags are relatively easy to use. They can be quickly inflated and placed in the void spaces, and they come in various sizes to accommodate different container configurations.


Many dunnage bags are designed to be reusable. After use, they can be deflated, compacted, and stored for future shipments.

Pressure Control

Dunnage bags usually come with a valve or other mechanisms to control the inflation pressure. This allows for adjustment based on the specific requirements of the cargo being transported.


Using dunnage bags can be a cost-effective solution for cargo stabilization compared to other methods. They are lightweight, easy to handle, and do not add significant weight to the overall shipment.

Various Sizes and Types

Dunnage bags come in a variety of sizes and types to suit different container dimensions and cargo requirements. The selection of the appropriate size and type depends on the specific needs of the shipment.

1. 900mm (W) X 1000mm (L)
2. 1000mm (W) X 1800mm (L)

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