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Inpat Container Desiccant

Unlock unmatched moisture control with INPAT Max Container Desiccant Packs — now offering a revolutionary pre-order option for special sizes.

How It Works

INPAT Max Container Desiccant actively attracts and traps moisture, preventing the formation of condensation and maintaining a dry environment within the shipping container. This ensures that your cargo arrives at its destination in the best possible condition.

Usage Instructions

Hang / stick or secure INPAT Max Container Desiccant packs in strategic locations within the shipping container.

Ensure proper ventilation for effective moisture absorption.

Experience worry-free shipping with the enhanced protection against mold, mildew, and corrosion.

Specialized Container Protection

Tailored for shipping containers, our Container Desiccant is designed to combat the challenges of humidity during long journeys, preventing mold, mildew, and corrosion.


INPAT Desiccant Packs are formulated with high-quality calcium chloride, known for its exceptional moisture absorption capabilities. The result is a desiccant that outperforms, ensuring a drier and safer storage environment.

Swift and Efficient Absorption

Our desiccant packs work rapidly to absorb moisture, providing immediate protection against the harmful effects of humidity. Trust INPAT to keep your belongings dry, whether it’s electronics, documents, or cherished items.

Long-Lasting Protection

Enjoy extended dryness with the sustained effectiveness of calcium chloride. INPAT Desiccant Packs provide continuous moisture control, safeguarding your possessions for the long term.

Extended Transit Protection

Enjoy prolonged moisture control throughout the shipping process. INPAT Container Desiccant provides continuous defense against moisture-related damage, maintaining the quality of your goods.

Easy Application

The desiccant is conveniently packaged for easy placement within your shipping containers. Simply hang or secure the packs in strategic locations to create a dry environment.