The INPAT (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD (“INPAT”) upholds the highest standards of professional integrity and ethical conduct and the same is required of every INPAT partner, officer, employee and third parties who perform services for or on behalf of INPAT.

INPAT is committed to conducting its business, to the best of our knowledge and belief, in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and the highest ethical standards.

In promoting ethical business practices, INPAT is committed to design and corporate appropriate policies and procedures to support INPAT’s business operations and assist its Employees to understand their obligations in upholding corporate integrity and INPAT’s reputation.

INPAT does not condone any act of bribery and corruption, which are criminal acts in nature as well as indictable offences.

The purpose of this Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy is to reiterate INPAT’s commitment to full compliance by it, and its officers, directors, employees and agents with all laws relating to anti-bribery and anti-corruption in Malaysia, in particular, the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009. (“MACC Act”) subsequent amendments to the Act and all guidelines issued by relevant authorities pertaining to the same.

This Policy aims to ensure that all Employees (defined below) and Associated Persons (defined below) of INPAT are aware of their obligation to disclose any corruptions, briberies, conflicts of interest or similar unethical acts that they may have, and to comply with this Policy to follow highest standards of ethical conduct of business.

The policy will be updated as the Law and Regulations changes to incorporate the latest standards in anti-bribery and corruption.

1.Code of Ethic

  • INPAT is dedicated to administering its business relationships to be handled with the highest professionalism and ethical standards. We expect all Business Partners to comply with all laws and regulations on anti-bribery, corruption and prohibited practices. All Business Dealings should be transparently performed and must be conducted with honesty, integrity and fairness.
  • INPAT adopts a zero tolerance towards human trafficking, slavery or child labour and expects it Business Partner to uphold the human rights of its workers and treat them with utmost dignity and respect.


2.Conflict of Interest

  • A conflict of interest may arise when a Business Partner has a competing professional or personal interest during carrying out INPAT business dealings. All Business Partners must avoid any Conflict of Interest in their work with INPAT. Business Partners should likewise ensure that all sub-contractors avoid such situations.
  • Any Business Partner which suspects an actual, potential or perceived Conflict of Interest must disclose the situation immediately in writing to INPAT.



  • Business partners are expected to conduct all procurement and business relationship with integrity, respect and trust.
  • Business partners are expected to always protect the confidentiality of the information and have no right to use any intellectual property or other proprietary information belonging to INPAT without prior written authorization from INPAT.


4.Competitive Practice

  • All Business Partners must respect their contractual commitments to INPAT. Business Partners must not collude with other tenderers, distributors, suppliers or contractors, or engage in any other form of anti-competitive behaviour.


5.No Gift Policy

  • INPAT is committed to conduct our business in the highest standard of integrity and good governance. Our No Gift Policy aims to avoid a conflict of interest and demonstrate INPAT ‘s commitment to provide equal treatment to all individuals or organisations that we are in contact with for our business. In this regard, employees of INPAT shall not solicit or receive any gifts from current or potential Business Partners either directly or indirectly which may influence the employee’s judgement in a decision-making process or put the employees in a position of conflict
  • All Business partners should avoid to, either directly or indirectly, promise, offer or give any bribe or an improper advantage (whether financial or otherwise) to any person in INPAT, or any other person representing any company or associate company under INPAT as an inducement, incentive, reward, gift or bonus during Business Dealing(s).


6.Disclosure of information

  • All Business partners are expected to disclose information regarding its business activities, structure, financial situation and performance in accordance with applicable regulations and prevailing industry practices. Falsification of records or misrepresentations of conditions or practices in the supply chain are unacceptable.


7.Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE)

INPAT uphold a safe and healthy work environment and expects its Business Partners to comply with all applicable health and safety laws, regulations and standards. Business Partners are encouraged to take appropriate actions stated below:

  • Establish, implement and maintain, as applicable, management systems that facilitate compliance with the law and recognized safety standards;
  • Identify and mitigate related operational risks and ensure continuous improvement to the safety performance of the respective organizations;
  • Provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect, act fairly and ethically and use safe and environmentally responsible practices while doing all Business Dealing(s) with INPAT;


8.Record Keeping

The Business partners are encouraged to maintain adequate internal controls and procedures to ensure that all transactions with INPAT are accurately recorded and reported in its books and records to reflect truly the activities to which they pertain such as the purpose of each transaction and to whom it was made or from whom it was received


  • Customer Value: We aim to offer products/services that deliver significant value to our customers and justify the prices charged.
  • Competitive Positioning: Our pricing strategy aims to maintain competitiveness within the market while ensuring sustainable profitability.
  • Profitability: We seek to achieve reasonable profit margins that support our business growth and ongoing investments in innovation and quality improvement.

Pricing Strategy
Our pricing strategy is predominantly value-based, as we believe that the perceived worth of our offerings plays a vital role in customer satisfaction and loyalty. We strive to find a balance between offering competitive prices and reflecting the quality and benefits of our products/services.

Factors Influencing Pricing
Our pricing decisions are influenced by various factors, including:

  • Costs: We consider production, materials, labor, and overhead costs when setting prices.
  • Market Demand: We analyze market demand and customer preferences to ensure our prices align with what customers are willing to pay
  • Competition: We monitor our competitors’ pricing strategies to remain competitive within the industry.
  • Value Proposition: The unique features, benefits, and quality of our products/services guide our pricing decisions.

Price Setting Process

  • Market Research: We conduct thorough market research to understand customer expectations, competitive offerings, and industry trends.
  • Cost Analysis: We calculate production costs, operational expenses, and overheads to determine the baseline price.
  • Value Assessment: We evaluate the perceived value our products/services offer to customers and adjust the price accordingly.
  • Competitive Analysis: We compare our prices with those of competitors to ensure our offerings are competitively positioned.

Customer Segmentation
We recognize that different customer segments have varying needs and willingness to pay. Our pricing approach may vary based on demographics, purchasing behavior, and preferences.

Price Adjustments
Prices may be adjusted periodically based on the following factors:

  • Cost Changes: Significant fluctuations in production or operational costs may necessitate price adjustments.
  • Market Shifts: Changes in market demand, industry trends, or competitive landscape might lead to price modifications.

Promotions and Discounts
We offer promotions and discounts strategically to drive sales, attract new customers, and reward loyalty. These initiatives are designed to align with our overall pricing strategy and objectives.

Monitoring and Review
Our pricing strategy’s effectiveness is monitored through key performance indicators (KPIs) such as sales volume, revenue, and customer feedback. Regular reviews ensure that our pricing remains aligned with our objectives and market conditions.

Compliance and Ethics
We are committed to adhering to legal and ethical standards in pricing. Our pricing practices avoid collusion, price-fixing, and deceptive practices.

We communicate our pricing policy to employees, partners, and customers to ensure transparency and understanding. Customers can find clear and accurate pricing information on our website and through other communication channels.

At Inpat (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, our pricing policy reflects our commitment to delivering value to customers while maintaining a competitive edge in the market. We believe that transparent, fair, and value-driven pricing is essential for building long-lasting customer relationships and achieving our business goals.